Mount Scopus Memorial College: Early Learning Centre

Written on the 12 December 2012

The Minister for Children and Early Childhood Development, Wendy Lovell, visited the Gandel Besen House early learning centre at Mount Scopus Memorial College last week with both myself and the member for Caulfield in the Assembly, David Southwick, who has a very close relationship with Mount Scopus. Early learning is an important part of a child's early development and can be crucial in those formative years. I was pleased to see in a recent press release from the minister that there has been an increase in Victorian children attending kindergarten. The participation rate is now 97.9 per cent, which is a tremendous result.

Mount Scopus offers kindergartens at two locations, one in St Kilda East and one in Caulfield South.


Our tour consisted of visiting a number of kindergarten rooms where the children were making preparations for Hanukkah, the Jewish holiday currently being celebrated, which goes for eight days and nights, commencing on the 25th day of the Jewish calendar month of Kislev. During the visit the children sang traditional songs and showed us their paintings and artwork depicting the menorah and other symbolic decorations of Hanukkah.


This kindergarten is one of many across our state that provide diverse learning opportunities. I am pleased that the Baillieu government supports diversity and parental choice for all levels of education and in doing so will continue to work in partnership with non-government schools to provide ongoing educational diversity. Thank you to Rene Israel, Bella Maevsky, Layla Sacker and all the teachers and children who gave us such a warm welcome on our visit, and again congratulations to the minister for providing additional funding and taking the lead in enabling ongoing parental choice in children's education

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