National Council of Jewish Women of Australia: 85th anniversary

Written on the 28 November 2012

I had the great pleasure last Tuesday of presenting a certificate from the state government and the Premier to the president of the National Council of Jewish Women of Australia, Victoria, Vivien Brass, recognising 85 years of service by the organisation to the community. Founded in 1923 by Dr Fanny Reading, the NCJWA became affiliated in 1925 with the International Council of Jewish Women. There is no doubt that Dr Reading's vision has motivated various leaders and volunteers in their commitment to making a difference to communities.


The Victorian arm of the organisation has been providing support and programs to countless numbers of women in Victoria, Australia and at times international locations. One local project is the Mum for Mum program, and earlier this year I was present in Parliament House at its launch.


It is a home-based, free of charge and confidential program for mothers of newborns or infants and for pregnant women, and it is an example of an initiative conducted by NCJWA Victoria that has already assisted women who come from a range of different ethnic backgrounds.


At Tuesday's luncheon messages congratulating the organisation's 85th year of operation and service were received by both local and national community leaders. They acknowledged the work and support of many women and their association with the NCJWA. Lady Marigold Southey, NCJWA Victoria patron, said in her message:


'I congratulate NCJWA (Victoria) on 85 years of its contribution to the whole community of Victoria. The care and dedication to the many and various needs in the Jewish and general community are evidenced by the work the organisation does. As patron, I am honoured to be associated with such a wonderful group of women.'


Congratulations to all those involved in a highly successful anniversary luncheon and also on their ongoing dedication and work for our community.

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