New Program to Boost Jobs in St Kilda (17.04.2012)

Written on the 17 April 2012

A Victorian Government initiative will boost access to jobs and training for disadvantaged people in the St Kilda area, Member for Southern Metropolitan Region Georgie Crozier said today.


Ms Crozier announced details of a new $36,000 Employment Support Initiative project, Our Voices, aimed at disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the area, including people who are homeless and those not currently working.


“The Our Voices project will operate in partnership with the City of Port Phillip and the Department of Planning and Community Development, to provide real, practical benefits for some of St Kilda’s most disadvantaged people,” Ms Crozier said.


“It will build public housing tenants’ work skills through participation in a leadership program and through a series of local events and activities.


“Under Employment Support Initiative projects, funding is provided to connect disadvantaged Victorians with job opportunities and sustainable employment.


“Each project, in collaboration with local employers and service providers, must ensure training and work experience leads to continuing employment,” Ms Crozier said.


The Our Voices project will be auspiced by the Port Phillip Community Group and delivered in partnership with the City of Port Phillip, Inner South Community Health Service, Inner South East Partnership in Community and Health, New Hope, St Kilda Youth Service, Sacred Heart Mission, Good Sheppard, Gatehouse, the Department of Human Services and the Department of Planning and Community Development.


Minister for Housing Wendy Lovell said participants in the project, funded by her department, would undertake leadership training, participate in focus groups and help raise awareness of social issues.


“They’ll gain work experience organising local events and undertaking administrative tasks in community sector organisations, while also receiving support from the partner agencies,” Ms Lovell said.


“It’s all part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to tackling poverty and disadvantage by providing more opportunities for training and employment.”


“The Our Voices project is in keeping with the Victorian Government’s commitment of $4.6 million to establish five Work and Learning Centres in locations with high concentrations of public housing and disadvantage.


“We know that people who don’t have a job can be excluded, not only economically but also socially. This can cause people to become trapped in a cycle of disadvantage and become isolated and withdrawn,” Ms Lovell said.


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