North Road, Ormond - level crossing removal

Written on the 26 November 2015

25 November 2015



GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


My adjournment matter this evening is for the Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade. I am very delighted that he is in the chamber this evening, and I am hoping that he will be able to give me assurances and confirm what I am going to be requesting of him.

Seventy traders from the Bentleigh, Ormond and McKinnon areas attended a Level Crossing Removal Authority meeting on Monday evening. At that meeting traders raised their concerns to the representatives present about the fact that there have been continual changes to the original plans that were put to the traders regarding the level crossing and the minister is nodding his head in understanding of what I am referring to. The Ormond traders are particularly concerned about the decimation of the south side of North Road to allow for the installation of a lift.

Night works have now been introduced, with traders not receiving any information about the disruption. All they have is information on daytime disruption to the area. There is a decrease in parking spaces available for customers due to tradesmen taking them up along the shopping strips. Deliveries to the area are being impacted. The level crossing authority has told the traders group that they should be passing the information on to all traders along the various shopping strips. However, the traders have indicated that they do not have the time or the money to be taking on the task of informing traders, delivery truck drivers, commuters and shoppers about all the changes that they are faced with.

Quite rightly the traders are extremely concerned about the impact the works are having on their business, but even more concerning for them is the regular changes made to the original plans. This is leaving traders with a degree of anxiety about what might be coming next. They have made representation to members of the government to voice their concerns, including to the Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, as one of their local members and the responsible minister for small business. Apparently they had scheduled a meeting with him, but it was cancelled and he referred it on to another of his colleagues. I believe the minister has a busy schedule and that he was too busy to meet with the traders, and that his first available time will be late February, which is after when the major disruptions will have taken place.

The action I seek from the minister is that he urgently meet with the traders groups before Christmas to hear and understand their real concerns about the major impacts these works are having on their businesses and their ability to make a living.

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