North Road traders at Ormond need help now !

Written on the 1 June 2016

North Road traders at Ormond need help now !


Pictured with Brad Coates at Melbourne Music Centre - who is just one of the many small business owners suffering due to the rushed and botched process by the Andrews Government as work continutes to remove the Level Crossing at Ormond Station on North Road.


My recent adjournment speech on this issue in the Victorian Parliament is HERE and below


My adjournment matter this evening is for the Minister for Public Transport, Minister Allan.

It relates to an ongoing issue that I have raised in the house on a number of occasions in relation to the issues for traders at North Road, Ormond, due to the removal of a level crossing. It is not because it is going to be a rail-under-road level crossing removal; it is due to the lack of consultation by the Andrews government and confusing information from the Level Crossing Removal Authority.

Last Thursday I was contacted by a trader on an issue in relation to 48 hours notice given of a power outage that was going to occur. I phoned the power company, which said that the outage was due to a replacement of overhead assets. I queried whether it had anything to do with the level crossing removal, and they said no. I am very pleased that there were a couple of other phone calls made to MPs who got onto the minister and rang the energy company, so I believe, and that outage was averted.

I was very pleased about that.

It has also been brought to my attention today that the traders are having significant issues with parking along North Road. An email I received relates to the issue that a lane and parking have been out of action on the south side of North Road from Cadby Avenue to Wheeler Street for some time - close to four weeks. There is a hole in the road due to a drainage issue with the level crossing. The traders are becoming increasingly concerned that they are not receiving any consultation in relation to these issues. On the parking, they had no information about when it was going to occur. The email that I received says:


We have had our parking directly in front of our shops blocked off and closed down for four weeks now with no explanation to the traders or updates on the progress or reopening of the parking strip.


When they have contacted the Level Crossing Removal Authority they say it is a council issue, and the council puts it back on the Level Crossing Removal Authority. The poor traders are really in a bind here. They are losing a lot of trade. If they do not have that parking reinstated by tomorrow, Friday, evening, it will cause significant distress again.

My request of the minister is: could she speak to the Level Crossing Removal Authority as a matter of urgency and sort this issue out and get the information out to these traders.

That clearly is not happening, and it should be.


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