Oakleigh level crossings (24.06.14)

Written on the 6 August 2014


Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan) -- I would like to comment on a number of statements made by the Labor candidate for the Assembly seat of Oakleigh, in material which has come to my attention. In a letter Mr Dimopoulos stated that:   


"Our community will receive a massive boost under a Labor government, with the removal of the 50 worst railway level crossings -- many of them are right here in our area."


I find it curious that Mr Dimopoulos stated that many of the worst level crossings are 'right here in our area'.

In three and a half years the coalition government has ensured that 26 grade separation projects have received construction funding and another 14 have received funding for planning.

A further $457 million has been allocated for grade separations by the Napthine government in the 2014-15 budget.

In the seat of Oakleigh the $2 billion to $2.5 billion Cranbourne-Pakenham rail project, announced by the Napthine government, will include the removal of both the Carnegie and Murrumbeena level crossings, plus upgrades to the Carnegie and Murrumbeena stations, with construction expected to start next year.

Mr Dimopoulos claims that the removal of level crossings right across the Oakleigh electorate is part of Labor's removal of 50 level crossings -- a chaotic, ill-planned project that would cause chaos across Melbourne's road and rail networks. The member for Oakleigh has represented the area since 1999, and she did absolutely nothing to address the local level crossing issue for 11 years whilst Labor was in government. Now the Labor candidate for Oakleigh is saying that Labor will:

"    . . . remove local level crossings that cause you headaches every day of the week."


He is a Johnny-come-lately, and the electorate knows that it will be a Napthine government that will deliver the necessary properly costed and managed projects to Oakleigh, such as the Cranbourne-Pakenham rail upgrade -- not Labor.

Labor cannot manage projects, and it cannot manage money.

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