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Written on the 29 February 2012

My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Health, the Honourable David Davis. As we know, February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Teal Ribbon Day is today, and I am pleased so many members are wearing a teal ribbon, showing their support for raising and highlighting the very important message of the risks of ovarian cancer and awareness of its symptoms. Very often it is an insidious disease. Many women do not know they have ovarian cancer, as the symptoms can be mild. By raising awareness of those symptoms to women of all ages, it is hoped diagnosis and treatment can be addressed at the early stages of the disease.


The statistics of the disease, although not as high as those for many other cancers, are sobering, as they are associated with very large mortality and morbidity rates.


In fact more than 1200 Australian women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this coming year, and 800 of those women will die from the disease. In Victoria 340 women are diagnosed each year, and of those, 230 will die from ovarian cancer. Those are the real and raw statistics this devastating disease brings to bear.


Ovarian cancer awareness through the wearing of a teal ribbon is one way of getting the important message of awareness of ovarian cancer to our community. The action I ask of the minister is that in his capacity as Minister for Health he outline further initiatives that may be undertaken to improve awareness and assist Victorian women in understanding their risk of developing ovarian cancer.

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