Parliamentary Committee In Geelong

Written on the 24 November 2012

Parliamentary Committee In Geelong

The Victorian Parliamentary Family and Community Development Committee conducted a public hearing in Geelong on Friday 4th November.


The joint parliamentary committee is conducting two inquiries: Workforce Participation by People with a Mental Illness and Opportunities for Participation of Victorian Seniors. 


The Chair of the Committee and Member for Southern Metropolitan Region, Georgie Crozier, was joined by Parliamentary Secretary for Families and Community Services, Andrea Coote, and Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Nick Wakeling.
The Member for Western Victoria Region, David Koch, and the Member for South Barwon, Andrew Katos, welcomed the parliamentary committee coming to Geelong.


“The Inquiry into workforce participation by people with a mental illness was initiated by the Coalition Government and this is delivering on the Coalition Government’s commitment to enhance workforce participation for Victorians with a mental illness,” Mr Koch said.


“By giving the people of Geelong and surrounding areas the opportunity to attend and participate in a public inquiry in these two very important areas demonstrates the Coalition government’s commitment to addressing these issues,” Mr Katos said.


The Coalition Government recognises the need for future planning for an ageing population and wants to significantly increase the employment rate of people with a mental illness.


Both inquiries have comprehensive Terms of Reference that include the following:


Inquiry into Workforce Participation by People with a Mental Illness:

  • evidence of the low rate of workforce participation of people with mental illness and the social and economic costs involved
  • identification of the barriers that people with mental illness experience in gaining and retaining employment


Inquiry into the Opportunities for Participation of Senior Victorians:

  • Review national and international literature on preparing for an ageing society
  • Consult with older Victorians and representative bodies and with Victorians planning for ageing well


For further information and the full Terms of Reference visit



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