Parliamentary sitting hours (16.11.2017)

Written on the 20 November 2017

16 November 2017



GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


My adjournment matter this evening is for the Minister for Finance who is responsible for WorkCover.

As others have said, we have been in this place for 26½ hours debating an incredibly important bill, but unfortunately the government has shown the greatest contempt of all time in relation to how this process has been undertaken. They could have adjourned last night at midnight or some time around that point and then come back fresh today. Now, that is exactly what we are doing starting all over again and continuing this debate.

Unfortunately we have not had time to break. Having worked night duty shifts, unfortunately I have known two people who have driven home following night duty shifts who been involved in car accidents. One was involved in a fatal which included three other women. That was a fatality of four. Another girl I trained with was also involved in a dreadful accident. She was in a coma for months and months and finally died.

This is a seriously dangerous situation. I find it extraordinary that the government has not taken this into consideration in relation to the MPs, the staff and others in this place. They are hell-bent on getting this incredibly important bill through, and I think it demonstrates an absolute disregard for others.

The Minister for Roads and Road Safety keeps talking about a zero road toll. He has brought in all sorts of laws and regulations to ensure that that road toll goes down. His own government, its members and the Leader of the Government is doing nothing to assist in bringing that road toll down, especially if somebody in this place has an accident. They could very well do because exhaustion, tiredness and driving is as dangerous as 0.5 and above blood alcohol level. This is just an absolute disgrace from the government in every sense. I would call on the minister to investigate what other parliaments have done around the world and to provide some advice to this Parliament in relation to such extensive long sitting hours and the impacts on those parliaments.

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