Poor Government performance (16.04.2015)

Written on the 5 May 2015

16 April 2015
COUNCIL  Members statements 

GEORGIE CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan)


In just over 130 days of this government we have seen the sacking of water boards across Victoria, resulting in the loss of the expertise and experience of the people who have served on those boards.

We have also heard of the ideology-driven decision to scrap 42 private cancer beds at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, a decision that is completely incomprehensible and reprehensible. In addition, yesterday we saw not only a report highlighting the character of the United Firefighters Union and its members' influence on this government but also the announcement of the political and illogical decision to make an eastwest link project payout of hundreds of millions of taxpayers dollars.

It is extraordinary to think that in a growing international city of the 21st century, infrastructure such as the major road corridor of the eastwest link is not needed.

Headlines that blaze on the pages of our newspapers today such as '$640 million for nothing', 'Payout could soar by hundreds of millions of dollars', 'Massive bill to scrap road despite no compo pledge', 'Andrews is wrong in describing this as the best possible result', 'State's $420 million road payout an obscenity' and '$339 million down eastwest sink' say it all.

It is truly shameful that this government would trash our reputation and trash the opportunity for thousands of jobs for Victorians. The millions of dollars that this government has already wasted could have been used for better purposes, such as child protection or prevention of family violence initiatives, new schools or hospitals. Instead we have a government that is not governing for all Victorians.

We have a government that is ideologically driven and is taking our state in a direction that I think all Victorians should be very concerned about.

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