Production of Documents: Air Emission Study and Human Health Risk Assessment

Written on the 29 August 2012

I rise to speak on the motion Mr Barber has put before the house this afternoon. In line with my colleague Mr O'Donohue, I reiterate the government's position that we will not be opposing Mr Barber's motion. I would like to put a few comments on the record in relation to his motion.


He spoke about the Environment Protection Authority and the role it plays in relation to monitoring air emissions across the state. The EPA is a statutory body. It monitors air quality and other emissions from industrial sites, including power stations like the one that has been mentioned. This comes under the requirements outlined in the Environment Protection Act 1970 and associated state environment protection policies.


While doing some research earlier this morning, I went on to the EPA website to look at the areas where the EPA monitors air quality.


The website states that the air quality summary is updated twice daily with information calculated from data readings over the last 24 hours. The bulletin shows the highest 8-hour reading for carbon monoxide; the highest 1-hour reading for ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and visibility reduction; and the current 24-hour particulate matter reading. I think we can be assured that the EPA is doing a very good job of monitoring our air quality, which it does at a number of sites across the state, including Point Henry and South Geelong. I had a look at those readings for the last 24 hours, and the Geelong South region was rated to be good. I think we can be reassured by that.


As I said, the EPA regulates emissions to air, land and water through its operations across the state. It is a mechanism to protect the health of Victorians and the Victorian environment. It is my understanding that the EPA has advised the Department of Health that emissions from Alcoa and Anglesea are compliant with Alcoa's current discharge licence.


In saying that, we take on board Mr Barber's comments in relation to this motion. I reiterate to the chamber that the government will not be opposing the motion.


Motion agreed to.

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