Production of Documents: Port Phillip Channel Deepening Project

Written on the 28 November 2012

Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan) -- I move:

That this house requires the Leader of the Government to table in the Legislative Council by 12 noon on Tuesday, 11 December 2012, examples of bathymetric data, showing both cross-sectional and concomitant 3D representations, for the plateau and the entrance or rip bank area used to depict seabed topography from four distinct periods, namely --


(1) measurements that were used for the 2004 environment effects statement -- before any dredging occurred (pre August 2005);
(2) post the 'trial dredging' period (September 2005);
(3) post the completion of the channel deepening project (after 25 November 2009); and
(4) within the past six months;


and any data pertaining to ongoing erosion, if any, as predicted in the Scour assessment report, July 2007, Sinclair Knight Merz, which was tabled on the last day of the 2007 supplementary environment effects statement inquiry into channel deepening of Port Phillip Bay.


Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan) --



I am pleased to rise and speak very briefly on Ms Pennicuik's motion, and note that time is getting the better of me in relation to the length of my contribution. I too acknowledge and reiterate my colleague Mr O'Donohue's comments in relation to the government not opposing Ms Pennicuik's motion. There was significant debate about the channel deepening project for many years, a debate that was the cause of a lot of interest amongst the public, as it should have been.


We are lucky enough to have a beautiful bay, especially around the Heads, as Ms Pennicuik noted. Much of the bay, and the bayside beaches, adjoins the electorate I share with Ms Pennicuik and Mrs Coote, who is with us in the chamber. We are all very aware of the significant aspects of the bay and the opportunities for recreational activities they offer.


Fishing, swimming, boating and sailing are all very important to the Victorian community, as is the port of Melbourne and the huge economic impacts it provides, being the largest container port in Australia. The port of Melbourne provides significant economic benefits to the state and important and significant national economic benefits, so it is an extremely important part of Melbourne's local infrastructure and is also important to the entire Australian economy.


As I said at the outset, there is no denying that dredging caused some angst in the community. Ms Pennicuik is now asking for documents that relate to the dredging process that occurred under the previous government. There are certain environmental aspects in relation to dredging, including water quality and water movement, contamination in sediment being moved due to the dredging process and changes to organic matter. There are very important elements to the environmental aspects of our bay, and there is no question about the concerns that people may have had. Ms Pennicuik has spoken of issues in relation to other areas further down the bay towards the Heads, and these issues are also very important to those communities. Acting President, are you looking at me to continue? As Mr O'Donohue has said, the government will not be opposing Ms Pennicuik's motion. There are some technical aspects to it, and it is very detailed in relation to -- --


Business interrupted pursuant to standing orders.

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