Production of Documents: Victorian planning Zones Review

Written on the 12 December 2012

Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) -- I move:


That this house requires the Minister for Planning to table in the Legislative Council by 12 noon on Tuesday, 5 February 2013, a copy of all public submissions received by the Department of Planning and Community Development in relation to the reformed zones for Victoria planning zones review.


Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan) -- I am pleased to also rise and speak on Mr Barber's motion. In doing so, I reiterate what Mr O'Donohue has said about the Minister for Planning. He is a minister who is on top of his portfolio and a man of vision. He has the confidence of those who are involved in the planning portfolio, which is evident in the enormous amount of reform that has been undertaken in this state since we came to government in 2010. That is in stark contrast to the previous planning minister, Mr Madden, now the member for Essendon in the other place. In terms of Mr Guy's openness about his planning portfolio area, he said he would reform planning zones, and that is exactly what he has done.


I note that a media release from the minister of July earlier this year outlines that the reform package features three new residential zones: a residential growth zone, a general residential zone and a neighbourhood residential zone. This will return planning certainty to residents and councils, and it will give certainty to people who have been affected by those particular zoning reforms.


In addition there are other zoning reforms that will impact the commercial and industrial areas of the state, which is very important to not only metropolitan areas but rural and regional Victoria, which also needs certainty. There was no certainty under the previous government. The minister's planning zone reforms will increase productivity, which will in turn increase jobs, and that will be good news for Victoria.


I note that under the former government, prior to the announcement of the Melbourne 2030 green wedges boundary in 2002, smart growth committees were formed to look at -- --


Mr Barber -- You've got a long memory.


Ms CROZIER -- I have done some research, Mr Barber. I want to take members to this point because it is important to know exactly what the previous government did. Smart growth committees were formed around the urban growth boundaries, and a number of submissions were made in relation to that particular process. I note that the previous government never released the submissions to the public. The reports of the smart growth committees were never released either. It is a bit rich for Mr Tee to come out and argue these points, as he continually does. As Mr O'Donohue said, Mr Tee gets completely confused, and that was evident in question time today.


Minister Guy should be commended for the reforms he has undertaken. In my electorate of Southern Metropolitan Region he has undertaken some significant reforms.


I refer to Fishermans Bend, which is the biggest urban renewal reform in this country's history. It will be of enormous benefit to not only those local areas but also the entire state. It is an exciting project that we can all look forward to.


Mr O'Donohue also referred to the questions without notice that Mr Barber put to Mr Guy in November. In reply to one of Mr Barber's questions about the zoning reforms Mr Guy stated:


Very simply, because they are being peer reviewed by members of the planning profession: Liz Johnstone from the Planning Institute of Australia; Chris Canavan, who is a planning lawyer, and a Queen's Counsel, I might add; Geoff Underwood, who headed the government's ministerial advisory committee; and Joan Stanley from Planning Backlash. Those four people will peer review the submissions that have been made.



Mr Guy has independent people with an enormous amount of experience and credibility in this area reviewing the submissions. He is undertaking that process, and he will be looking at those findings and releasing the submissions after he has reviewed the findings.


The government will not oppose Mr Barber's motion to make those documents public, but it needs to be reiterated to the house that the planning minister has undertaken significant reforms. This government has listened to the community, it has consulted at various levels and it continues to do so. The government has looked at what will give councils, residents and businesses greater input into the planning process. The minister should be commended for all the reforms he has undertaken that will not only improve the livability of the city but also increase productivity, creating more jobs for Victoria. That can only be a good thing, as we all know. I reiterate that the government will not be opposing Mr Barber's motion.

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