Protective Services Officers: Community Response (20.02.2013)

Written on the 7 March 2013

Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan) -- Last week I, along with the member for Caulfield in the Assembly, David Southwick, the member for Bentleigh in the Assembly, Elizabeth Miller, and a member for South Eastern Metropolitan Region, Inga Peulich, joined the Premier when he announced at the Ormond railway station a further deployment of protective services officers (PSOs) to Ormond, Clayton and Oakleigh stations. Ormond railway station is a busy station that facilitates commuters from the Bentleigh, Caulfield and Oakleigh electorates. The two PSOs, Joe and Jia, who were in attendance at the announcement and whom we met, have undertaken their training within the last 12 months and are a terrific example of men who are obviously dedicated to their role. They said they have already received positive responses from the public.


There is no doubt that the deployment of PSOs across the metropolitan rail network is having a positive impact on commuter safety and is reducing crime and antisocial behaviour. This perception has been backed up by a number of surveys indicating the same. In 2012 the national survey of community satisfaction with policing found that there has been an increase in the number of people who now feel safer travelling at night on trains. Public Transport Victoria's most recent survey, conducted last July to September, saw an increase in personal security rising from 63.6 per cent to 67.2 per cent, and a Department of Justice survey last year found 80 per cent of train commuters thought PSOs were a good idea.

This is a policy that was taken to the Victorian community in 2010. Despite the disparagement of both it and the capacity of PSOs by those opposite, it is working and getting very good results for Victorian commuters.


This is another example of the Baillieu government getting on and providing practicable and real outcomes in regard to an issue that was a real concern for Victorians.

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