Public Holidays - Grand Final Eve (16.9.2015)

Written on the 17 September 2015

16 September 2015


GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


I am very pleased to rise and speak on Mr Ondarchie's motion this afternoon.

I am pleased that the Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, the minister who is responsible for this very important area, is in the chamber to hear the comments from the opposition. This is an important motion that we are debating today. The minister and I are both members for Southern Metropolitan Region. If he walked with me down Centre Road, Bentleigh, he would understand clearly how those traders feel about this ridiculous decision made by the government. Mr Dalidakis interjected. 

Ms CROZIER -  Mr Dalidakis's office is there, so he is obviously not listening because not one business there wants this holiday.

In relation to the submissions received during the regulatory impact statement (RIS) process, I make note of this. The Bentleigh Traders Association, which I referred to in the house yesterday, represents 330 small businesses in the Bentleigh shopping precinct. I read from its submission regarding the regulatory impact statement yesterday, and I will read it again:


I write to you on behalf the Bentleigh association to express our utter disbelief at the state government's recent declaration of two new designated public holidays in our state. The flow-on effect of this is massive stock wise, sale wise and customer wise.


Bentleigh Bayside Community Health is another organisation that will be impacted by this disastrous and ridiculous decision. I will read from its submission:


Bentleigh Bayside Community Health is a not-for-profit registered community health service.

We provide primary health services with priority access for the marginalised and at-risk members of the community; group activity and ill-health prevention education to the residents in the City of Bayside and the southern part of the City of Glen Eira.

The introduction of two additional public holidays has created a financial impost to our organisation as follows:Under the various enterprise bargaining agreements we are obliged to pay staff for the grand final eve public holiday and in some cases a penalty loading will also be payable. The estimated cost of wages is $41 500.

These additional wage costs are unfunded by government. We have estimated a loss of client co-payment fees for the grand final eve public holiday of approximately $6000.


Mr Dalidakis should be listening to this if he has any consideration for these organisations in the electorate that he and I share. The submission ends by saying:


In summary Bentleigh Bayside Community Health estimates an increased unfunded liability of $50 000 per annum


This is an absolute demonstration of how a disastrous decision by government can have far-reaching consequences. Mr Dalidakis It was an election promise.

Ms CROZIER - Mr Dalidakis, an election promise does not mean to say it is right. This is a disastrous election commitment, and as I said yesterday it is one that the Premier wishes he had never made.

Mr Dalidakis Why, because spending time with families is a bad thing?

Ms CROZIER - Mr Dalidakis can say that all he likes, but when I walk down and talk to these businesses in Centre Road, Bentleigh, they say they are going to have to open and have an impost, and they cannot spend time with their families because they are too busy working. They are not out there enjoying picnics like the union members who I spoke to in Bentleigh, who said they were either going to work to get the extra penalties because they wanted the money or that they are going interstate. They are not even going to spend time in this state, so the money will be flooding out. This is a ridiculous, disastrous decision by Mr Dalidakis's government, and he knows it. Mr Dalidakis knows that this is a very costly, disastrous decision by his government.

I want to make one other point in relation to another business that is involved in the building and construction industry. It points out that of all the days proposed the Friday before the AFL Grand Final impacts further on its ability to meet construction deadlines, and it has said:


There are already shut down dates in the September-December period for the Melbourne Cup, builders picnic, et cetera, as well as extended RDO shutdowns around these dates that impact across the business both financially and in relation to productivity. Fridays are a traditionally busy day for sales and the Friday public holiday would mean that their business would have to close on that day and impact on loss of revenue.


Mr Dalidakis interjected.

Ms CROZIER - This is a serious issue, Mr Dalidakis! It is not one to be laughed at. The letter continues:


There are also the logistical impacts with scheduled deliveries from other suppliers.


In their opinion, the one day will turn to a four to five day break with industry RDOs et cetera. The feedback from their customers has been similar.

Mr Dalidakis - When are you going to stand up for 7-Eleven workers?

Ms CROZIER - When is Mr Dalidakis going to stand up for small businesses in this state?

To conclude I make a final point on the excellent motion Mr Ondarchie has brought into the house today on which we are having this debate.

I call on the Premier of Victoria, Mr Daniel Andrews, to cancel the grand final parade holiday and focus on creating jobs not cutting them.

Debate adjourned on motion of Dr CARLING-JENKINS (Western Metropolitan).

Debate adjourned until later this day.



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