Public housing maintenance (18.9.2019)

Written on the 18 September 2018

18 September 2018



Georgie Crozier - LIB - Southern Metropolitan


My adjournment matter this evening is for the attention of the Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing, Mr Foley, and it is in relation to public housing maintenance and a disgraceful waste of public resources that has come to my attention. I ask, and this sounds quite frivolous, but quite seriously this is a real issue: how many tradesmen does it take to change a lavatory roll holder? One or two maybe? Wrong. It apparently takes four one person to assess the job; a second person to fit the holder, which subsequently fell off the wall; a third person to fix the damaged lavatory roll holder and the wall; and a fourth person to check it and sign it off. I kid you not; that is exactly what happened.

If you Google what a lavatory roll holder costs, it costs around $14 according to the one that was shown to me. If you Google the tradesmen who would have attended to this, the cost would have been around $300, I am guessing. Is this an isolated incident? Sadly, it is not. I have had many complaints received by my office about maintenance issues in public housing facilities. They include dog and cat urine seeping through ceilings and down walls; the infestation of bed bugs, and I have raised that before in the house, with pest control measures needing to be undertaken in certain houses; rubbish, graffiti and ongoing plumbing repairs; and the list goes on.


The action I seek from the minister, in particular in relation to the issue I have raised this evening, is to investigate why the public housing maintenance program is not delivering value for money for Victorian taxpayers and what more can be done to improve the wasteful, overly bureaucratic system, an example of which is the real incident that I have highlighted here this evening.

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