Question: Residential Planning Zones (05.03.2013)

Written on the 12 March 2013

Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan) -- My question is also to the Minister for Planning, Mr Guy. Can the minister inform the house what action the Baillieu government has taken to bring certainty to Victoria's residential areas by reforming residential planning zones?



Hon. M. J. GUY (Minister for Planning) -- This government has done something that no government in the last 15 years in this state had the courage to do, and that is to reform our residential zones to give three very clear points of residential zoning for Victoria, for Victorians and, importantly, for our metropolitan area and regional cities. Today I have released the new zone structure that will govern Melbourne's residential zones into the future. They will consist of a neighbourhood residential zone, a general residential zone and a residential growth zone.


Let us get one thing straight from the very start. This government has come to the conclusion that what it has picked up and found from Labor's Melbourne 2030 policy and its wrecking ball approach to planning across the city, which saw a one-size-fits-all destruction of our suburbs and ruination of neighbourhood character, is that it is something that needs to be immediately brought to an end through zone structure changes. That is what we are doing from 1 July when our new residential zone structures will come into force.



The neighbourhood residential zone will have an 8 metre mandatory height limit. It is the strictest zone for controlling inappropriate development anywhere in Australia. It is a zone which will be able to protect areas of our city, protect lot size, protect lot numbers and protect height, and it is going to be offered to all municipalities in Melbourne to ensure that we can protect neighbourhood character once and for all.



Importantly this government has sought a balance and has achieved that through the development of a residential growth zone, with a height limit of 13.5 metres, the old four storeys. We believe this will be a zone to clearly incentivise growth around areas that have been determined by councils. It is a tool that councils have been asking for.



To have the balance between residential growth and neighbourhood residential is something that this government is exceptionally proud that it is going to be able to implement. It is something that the previous government did not have the courage to implement. But from 1 July this government will implement these three new residential zones that will ensure that Melbourne and regional cities can retain their urban character, can retain their neighbourhood character, without the expense of Labor's one-size-fits-all approach to planning, which Labor will bring back and reinstate should it be re-elected to government.

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