Road Safety - Beach Road and Beaconsfield parade (6.10.2015)

Written on the 8 October 2015


6 October 2015




CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan) - My adjournment matter this evening is for the attention of the Minister for Roads and Road Safety.


The councils of Kingston, Bayside and Port Phillip are fortunate to have the magnificent bayside beaches within their municipalities. They also have a major road route through all three municipalities that provides a major link and thoroughfare for heavy vehicle movement from the south-eastern suburbs and parts of eastern Victoria to the Port of Melbourne.

The mayors from those councils consider road safety to be of paramount importance and have raised concerns about the lack of a viable alternative to this route for heavy vehicle traffic. Concerns have also been expressed by many of my constituents in the electorate of Southern Metropolitan Region about the increase in truck traffic, which will lead to more traffic congestion and the subsequent health and road safety concerns relating to that greater heavy truck movement.

Motions have been moved in the Kingston City Council on the issue of the prohibition of truck movement at particular times along the route that affects the City of Kingston.

The mayor of the City of Port Phillip was quoted in the media earlier this year as wanting to have a Saturday curfew by summer. I understand that the mayors have written to the minister about their various concerns. The minister himself has been well aware of these concerns for many months. Beach Road has curfews in place on 10 or more Saturdays due to events. Constituents have told me that they do not need further delays on this issue. They do not want any more excuses from this government; they want a resolution.

The action I seek is that the minister make a decision as to those concerns raised by councils as well as constituents across the electorate of Southern Metropolitan Region and ensure that the government makes its intentions clear as to what it will do about truck curfew times along Beach Road and Beaconsfield Parade.

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