Road Safety Amendment Bill 2012 (28.08.2012)

Written on the 20 August 2012

I am pleased to rise to speak in support of the government's position in relation to the Road Safety Amendment Bill 2012.



We have just heard Mr O'Donohue outline why the government has brought this bill before the house and the mechanics of the bill. I agree with him that the government has been supported by the opposition parties on the safety aspects in relation to this bill.


I have some brief comments to make in relation to aspects of hoon driving and the hoon offenders being addressed by this bill. It was incumbent on us to deal with those who undertake such dangerous activities. When I was doing research in relation to this bill, I noted that the library had highlighted two affected areas in Southern Metropolitan Region, especially hoon driving along the Princes Highway. I note that the city of Monash is one of the areas in the state that has a high level of hoon driving offences. In an article in the Oakleigh Monash Leader of 24 April it was reported that:


Police impounded a car in Monash every four days in the past three years.


A total of 154 cars were locked away last year, giving police hope that they were winning the battle against hoons in the municipality


The article goes on to say:
And, though it suggests there may be more dangerous drivers on Monash roads --
in the area of Oakleigh - ... antihoon laws had 'taken the ego away' from drivers.


That is a significant aspect. The road safety campaign and the aspects it addresses will further ensure that hoon drivers adhere to the law and that, after they have had their cars impounded and paid the subsequent fines, they understand the dangerous aspects of their hoon driving.


A number of concerns have been raised by residents in the Oakleigh community and also by the police, who do a terrific job in attending when there is drag racing, burnouts or other events. Often the drivers who undertake this sort of behaviour on the Princes Highway move from one area to another. It is a great concern for members of the community in that area. I add my support to that of other members who have already spoken, and I commend the bill to the house.

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