Royal Commission into Family Violence (14.04.2015)

Written on the 16 April 2015

14 April 2015

COUNCIL  Adjournment 

GEORGIE CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan)


My adjournment matter is for the attention of the Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence.

As members are aware, a big election commitment by the government was to undertake a royal commission and the Royal Commission into Family Violence was announced in December.

There were a number of further announcements made during the course of the next few months. In January the terms of reference were released and in February there was a further announcement. In my capacity as shadow Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence I have been meeting with many women and individuals who were children in households subjected to family violence or who witnessed family violence and are now adults, and they have been speaking to me about their experience.

We know that many of these people are seeking assistance from the various agencies and organisations that are dealing with family violence issues, which is to be expected with the announcement of the royal commission and also since Rosie Batty became Australian of the Year following her tragic story, which raised a great deal of attention for this very serious issue.

In February, as I mentioned, the Premier released a statement in which he said:

The Andrews Labor government has provided $40 million for the royal commission. Of this, $36 million will go towards the operation of the royal commission and $4 million will be provided as an initial investment for support services that experience an increase in demand during the royal commission.

The royal commission is underway, and as I mentioned, I have been speaking with a number of organisations and services supporting people and dealing with the demand for services required at this time. To their knowledge none of the allocated money has been forthcoming. It is now some months since the announcement of the royal commission and it is now some months since the money was allocated to the royal commission by the Premier, Daniel Andrews, to deal with the demand, yet many of these organisations and people I speak to are unaware of the whereabouts of this money.


The action I seek is that the minister explain to the house when the $4 million that was promised in February will be a reality to assist with the demand in services and who the recipients will be of that $4 million allocation.

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