Royal Commission into Family Violence (26.5.2015)

Written on the 29 June 2015

26 May 2015


Written Adjournment Responses  GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB) from Minister for Women

Raised by:       Ms Crozier

Raised on:       14 April 2015



The Andrews Labor Government is leading the way in preventing family violence and ensuring that those facing this harm have access to the services they need.

Family violence is the most serious law and order issue that we face, a harm that has significantly escalated over the past four years. Victoria Police has recorded that since 2010, there has been a 70.3 percent increase in family violence incidents in Victoria.

I am proud that the Victoria State Budget 2015-2016 has funded all of Labor's 2014 election commitments to prevent family violence, including the implementation of the Australia's first Royal Commission into Family Violence and the appointing of the first Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence.

We know that Royal Commissions shine a light on an issue unlike anything else, resulting in an increase of demand for support services. In regards to the $4 million initial investment outlined by the Premier and I, $2million has been allocated in 2014/15 for crisis accommodation and counselling services, and $2 million has been allocated in 2015/16 for family violence access workers. Funds for crisis support services and counselling services are available immediately and are being directed following consultations with service providers led by DHHS.

Labor has adopted a whole of government response to the prevention family violence. In addition to funding all of Labor's election commitments to address this harm, the Andrews Labor Government has provided $81.3 million in new family violence funding.

The Andrews Labor Government has made the necessary investment to tackle family violence and create generational change.

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