Royal Commission into Family Violence (30.3.2016)

Written on the 4 April 2016



Wednesday 30 March 2016


The Liberal Nationals Coalition offers bi-partisan support in the effort to prevent family violence.

The findings of the Royal Commission are an important step forward in continuing to reduce the impact of family violence and to support victims.

The Liberal Nationals Coalition believes that more police resources to enforce the law and provide support for victims on the frontline is a key element in any response to the Royal Commission. 

The Royal Commission recommends additional specialist investigative and intelligence police resources as well as random case reviews which the Liberal Nationals Coalition strongly supports. 

Supporting victims during the court process is also vital and we welcome the recommendations on safe waiting rooms as well as the capacity for victims to give remote evidence. 

The justice system also needs to be more accountable and enforce punishments that fit the crime.  The justice system needs to start sending a strong unequivocal message that family violence is never acceptable and a very serious crime.

Recommendations to end the financial abuse of victims are a central plank to stopping perpetrators from intimidating and effectively blackmailing victims who do not have financial independence. 

Measures to support safe re-housing for victims is also an integral response in ensuring that those leaving violent homes are not forced into a cycle of homelessness. 

Implementing these recommendations will clearly require significant additional funding. 

We cannot afford to waste another year.

No Victorian should have to live in fear or grow up in an abusive home. 

The Liberal Nationals Coalition and Labor have a bipartisan approach to dealing with family violence and supporting victims and we are confident that the proper implementation of key recommendations will see improved outcomes.



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