Safety at Bentleigh rail crossing (14.04.2015)

Written on the 5 May 2015

14 April 2015

GEORGIE CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan)


My constituency question is to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety.

Several concerned residents and traders in Centre Road, Bentleigh, have recently raised with me their concerns about pedestrian safety at the Bentleigh rail crossing.

During January some minor works were undertaken at that rail crossing.

I note that the member for Bentleigh in the other place, Nick Staikos has said that while awaiting removal the crossings need to be as safe as possible.

It has become evident that the electronic sign indicator which indicated that a train was coming is now no longer in operation. I know we do not yet have a timetable for level crossing removals, but too many pedestrians have lost their lives crossing rail lines throughout our state.

The successful and tremendous online campaign created in Victoria, 'Dumb Ways to Die' highlighted this issue.

I call on the minister to investigate why the electronic sign indicator has been removed and ask that it be reinstated as soon as possible.



I take it that the member is asking the minister why it cannot be done in that time frame.

The purpose of a constituency question is to ask a question, not request an action. An action is for an adjournment matter, so could the member restate the last phrase.


Ms CROZIER I ask the minister: why has the electronic indicator sign been removed and could it be replaced as soon as possible?

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