Save Port Philip Bay

Written on the 23 July 2015

Save Port Philip Bay


Daniel Andrews is planning to sell the Port of Melbourne and despite the rhetoric, the deal will mean a 70-year private port monopoly that will preclude a second port to be built unless compensation is paid. Victoria is expected to need a second container port by 2030 to sustain and support economic growth. (And the last compensation bill that Victorians have had to pay was in excess of $640 million for a road not to be built by Daniel Andrews!)

The plan to deny Victoria a second container port will likely mean the Port of Melbourne will require massive expansion to cater for larger new container ships.

This will require the blasting the Port Philip Bay heads and require four times the volume of dredging done in the last ten years - resulting in increased beach erosion and damage to our precious marine parks. This will do untold and permanent damage to our Bay and beaches.

Daniel Andrews refused to rule out dredging and blasting the heads, despite consistent questioning in Parliament.

The proposed legislation will also significantly impact jobs across the State and drive up costs for our famers, exporters and consumers.

The Coalition stands firm against the Andrews government's hasty and disingenuous decision on the sale of the Port of Melbourne. This was not the policy they took to the Victorian electorate. Again, we see this government saying one thing before the election and doing another following the election.

Let the Andrew's Government know that you don't support its reckless plan and LIKE, SHARE or comment on my FACEBOOK and sign the petition.

Your voice counts!


Pictured speaking with residents about the threat to our beautiful bay.

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