Save the Children, Moe (9.8.2018)

Written on the 9 August 2018


9 August 2018


Members statements 

GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


Last week I had the pleasure to be with Ms Bath when we visited Save the Children in Moe and spoke with staff, parents and some of the children who are benefiting enormously from the Play2Learn program. The complexities and difficulties that some of these families and children experience can have long-lasting impacts, and that is why the support given by Lauren Beecroft and her wonderful staff at Save the Children is making such a big difference.

Ms Bath and I also met with and heard from a number of stakeholders and agencies delivering homeless services across the region in the lead-up to Homelessness Week. Chris McNamara from Quantum Support Services, together with other representatives from housing and community services, gave us an insight into the plight of many people within the region. What was most concerning was the impact that the closure of Hazelwood has had on this community. The number of people becoming unemployed and facing the prospect of being homeless was alarming. It is evident that the Andrews government is leaving this community behind.

That visit, like my visit to Sacred Heart Mission in St Kilda on Monday, was a stark reminder of the many challenges those sleeping rough and those who are homeless face. This year's theme is Ending Homelessness Together. I joined with other volunteers to assist in the Sacred Heart Mission breakfast program. The dining hall provides more than 130 000 meals each year to people experiencing homelessness and social disadvantage. They all should be congratulated for the services they deliver.

These numbers are huge, just as the numbers of people on the public housing wait list are at record levels. The Labor Party has been in government in Victoria for 14 of the past 18-plus years. They have done little to address the explosive increase in the population of our state and have done little to address the immediate cost-of-living pressures that are forcing so many people to the brink and then into homelessness.

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