SMR - Bentleigh traders stimulus package (12.04.2016)

Written on the 3 May 2016


Southern Metropolitan Region

12 April 2016


Constituency questions 

GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


My question is to the Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade.

I have asked the minister a number of questions on several occasions about his preparedness to meet with those traders and residents who have been affected by the removal of level crossings within Southern Metropolitan Region, in particular traders near North Road, Ormond. In fact last sitting week, because the minister had not yet been to visit the traders as promised, I asked the Premier to step in and do so.

Last week the minister did go down and meet with the traders in the Bentleigh Assembly electorate who are affected by the level crossing removals.

During the minister's visit I understand he indicated that a stimulus package would be made available.

My question to the minister is: could he outline the details of the stimulus package, including how much it will be, when it will be rolled out and whether he guarantees that anyone who has been impacted by and suffered financial loss as a result of the removal of the level crossings will be included in the package?

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