SMR - Cameras on Beaconsfield Parade (9.12.2015)

Written on the 10 December 2015


9 December 2015

Parliament of Victoria Legislative Council

Constituency Question

Southern Metropolitan Region


Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan)  - My constituency question is to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety.

I have raised on numerous occasions concerns from local residents and businesses about the increased congestion and associated health and safety aspects of increasing large truck movements to and from the port of Melbourne along Beach Road and Beaconsfield Parade.

On 8 October the member for Albert Park, Mr Foley, wrote to one of those concerned residents saying:

As indicated we have this week launched the data-gathering material on identifying truck numbers and curfew management as we committed to in the election and we took the important step this week of installing the camera data collection material on Beaconsfield Parade/Marine Parade. You will see these cameras currently in place.

However, in mid-November the cameras were removed along Beaconsfield Parade from the original site of placement only a few weeks ago. When VicRoads was contacted asking why they had been removed or if they had been moved to another location, it was unable to provide an immediate answer.


My question is: why have the cameras been removed from the site in Beaconsfield Parade and when will the data and findings from that monitoring process be made available, as suggested by Mr Foley that they would be?

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