Southern Metropolitan Region - CCTV cameras (15.12.2017)

Written on the 15 December 2017


Southern Metropolitan


Friday, 15 December 2017

Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan)


My adjournment matter this afternoon is to the Minister for Police, and it again relates to the concerning issue around the lawlessness and increasing violent crimes that are occurring in the St Kilda, South Melbourne and Port Melbourne areas.

Ms Fitzherbert has continually raised in the Parliament issues around CCTV and given examples of what has been occurring, especially around some areas, including concerns that she has heard of, I have certainly heard of and I know Mr Davis has as well.

Some residents have spoken about their concerns about the lawlessness that is happening and drug-related crimes, where there has been used condoms, human excrement, needles, burglaries, assaults and robberies all occurring within residential areas. But now we have got this ongoing issue of some very serious crimes that are extending along the foreshore areas, affecting businesses, as we heard this week, with the hundreds of youths that have rioted, bashed, burgled, assaulted and sent many tourists, patrons and business owners into very fearful situations.

In my adjournment matter last night I referred to an issue that has not occurred just in this week; it has been going on for a year. I am referring to an article in the Age from December 2014, which says:
Andrew, a 21-year-old landscaper, told Channel Ten he was king-hit, kicked and stomped on in the unprovoked gang attack.

He was working outside the St Kilda Life Saving Club when his colleague Nathan warned him that brawling teens were smashing their way through temporary fencing.

This shows that this issue has not just been occurring recently; it has been ongoing for some time. There are issues around various parts, not just along the foreshore but also in areas in Bay Street, Port Melbourne, Acland Street, Little Grey Street, areas of Fitzroy Street, Clarendon Street and extending into Carlisle Street in Elsternwick. These are very serious crimes. They are becoming more serious. Lawlessness is occurring. Tourists, business owners, residents, children, parents and grandparents are all in fear.


The action I seek is that the minister extend CCTV in the areas that I have highlighted but particularly around the hotspots that are known of and do this immediately.

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