Southern Metropolitan Region - Flood damage in McKinnon (9.2.2017)

Written on the 23 March 2017


Southern Metropolitan Region
9 February 2017


Constituency questions

GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB -  Southern Metropolitan)


My question is to the minister responsible for the removal of level crossings, the Minister for Public Transport, the Honourable Jacinta Allan.

On 29 December last year Melbourne experienced a significant rainfall event, which resulted in flooding in some suburbs across Melbourne.

One particular area was McKinnon in my electorate of Southern Metropolitan Region and in the Assembly electorate of Bentleigh. One particular street, Glen Orme Avenue, was significantly impacted. Glen Orme Avenue runs parallel to the rail line, where the level crossing removal was undertaken in McKinnon. During that flood experience a number of residents' houses were severely flooded.

Very large drains were put into the road during the construction phase of the level crossing. It is reported that a John Holland worker accidentally poured concrete into the drain.


My question to the minister is: could she confirm that an accidental pouring of concrete occurred into a drain during the construction and removal of the McKinnon level crossing?

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