Southern Metropolitan Region - Sky Tower approval (19.9.2017)

Written on the 22 September 2017

19 September 2017


Constituency questions 

GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


My constituency question is to the Minister for Planning, the Honourable Richard Wynne in the other place.

It relates to the 13-storey sky tower which has been approved by the minister, despite the fact that prior to the 2014 election this development was not spoken about by Daniel Andrews like so many other decisions, such as sky rail. This yet again demonstrates the secret nature of Daniel Andrews and the contempt with which he is treating so many Victorians.

When the sky tower was literally discovered during the construction of a concrete platform, a number of consultations took place and a report was then processed after a public hearing, I am led to believe, by the Victorian Transport Projects Advisory Committee. I asked the Minister for Public Transport to release that report, but she completely ignored and avoided the question.

I ask the minister that, in the interests of the community and residents of Ormond, she provide a copy of the report and indicate when that report will be made available to those anxious residents within that area.



Southern Metropolitan Region

3 November 2017


Asked by:                     Ms GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB)

Directed to:                  Minister for Planning

Asked on:                    19 September 2017





The site at Ormond Railway Station represents a unique opportunity for an integrated development opportunity to realise the potential of land freed up by the removal of the level crossing at the station and facilitate urban renewal.

On 4 September 2016 the site was referred to the Victorian Transport Projects Integrated Development Opportunities Standing Advisory Committee. The purpose of the committee is to provide independent advice on integrated development opportunities created by Victorian transport projects.

A range of notice was undertaken by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to potentially affected parties, coinciding with the commencement of exhibition. Public hearings were held over nine days in February 2017, allowing submitters to present their views to the committee. The committee also provided for parties to make submissions in writing.

Following this transparent and consultative process, the committee provided a report that made recommendations as to the most appropriate planning provisions for the site.

I have made my decision to amend the Glen Eira Planning Scheme to allow for an integrated development on the site based on the committee's report, which has been made publicly available. The report can be found at:



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