Southern Metropolitan Region - Speed zones on Beaconsfield Parade (24.02.2015)

Written on the 25 February 2016

24 February 2016


Constituency questions 

GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


My question is to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety.

Beaconsfield Parade is a busy road corridor that has thousands of car and truck movements along it each day.

Along Beaconsfield Parade there are a number of surf lifesaving clubs, including the South Melbourne Life Saving Club. I understand that Albert Park Primary School is using the beach as a pop-up playground and that due to pressures at Albert Park College the South Melbourne Life Saving Club is being used for classrooms.

According to the VicRoads' website school speed zones are designed to improve safety for schoolchildren by lowering the speed of traffic near schools. School speed zones on roads with a speed limit of 60 kilometres an hour or higher are time based; school speed zones of 40 kilometres an hour are in effect from 8am. to 9.30am. and from 2.30pm. to 4pm on school days.

However, there is no such speed zone around the South Melbourne Life Saving Club when it is being used as a school.

My question to the minister is that he provide to the house why this facility does not have a designated school speed zone, as other Victorian schools are required to.




Answers to Constituency Questions

Southern Metropolitan Region

14 April 2016



Question asked by Ms Crozier

Directed to Minister for Roads and Road Safety

Asked on  24 February 2016



I understand a VicRoads officer has been in contact with both the Albert Park Primary School and Albert Park College to discuss the situation.

Albert Park Primary School provides grade six students with life saving lessons at the Port Melbourne Life Saving Club on Tuesdays three times per year. Grade six children walk from the school to the Port Melbourne Life Saving Club under teachers' supervision.

Albert Park College is currently developing a new campus at Bay Street and has a short-term arrangement where 200 school students have been relocated to classes outside of the school grounds. Fifty students attend classes at the Port Melbourne Life Saving Club. Albert Park College expects the new campus to be completed in June this year after which students will no longer require access to the Life Saving Club.

In both cases, the children are fully supervised as they walk to the Port Melbourne Life Saving Club with staff ensuring students cross at the traffic signals.

Given the temporary nature of Albert Park College's arrangement and the fact that the children are supervised when travelling to the Port Melbourne Life Saving Club, the installation of a school speed zone at this location would not be appropriate.



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