Southern Metropolitan Region Families Share Their Views on Healthy Eating 27.01.2012

Written on the 27 January 2012

Minister for Health David Davis together with the local member for Southern Metropolitan Region Georgie Crozier today hosted a roundtable of Victorian families at Parliament House to share ideas on healthy eating.


Speaking at the Victorian consultation forum of the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, Mr Davis said he was delighted to see so many parents and children taking a leading role in improving eating habits.


Ms Crozier, who has a background in the health care sector specialising in diabetes management, said that “it was important for young children to have a proper and healthy diet in order to prevent chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes from developing”.


Mr Davis said the government is committed to encouraging all Victorians to live active and healthy lifestyles and a good diet is critical.


“It’s great that so many mums, dads and kids are here today with a keen interest in healthy eating and their ideas will help shape Victoria’s input into the NHMRC’s Australian Dietary Guidelines and Australian Guide to Healthy Eating which are being reviewed for the first time since 2003,” Mr Davis said.


“A healthy diet and exercise are the foundation of good health, so that is why the Coalition Government is investing more than $40 million through the National Partnership on Preventive Health in new prevention initiatives for children.


“Among those initiatives is a new $3 million Healthy Eating Advisory Service which will provide healthy eating and nutrition advice to early childhood services, primary and secondary schools, as well as hospitals.


“The phone and internet based service will help schools implement canteen policies, early childhood services to meet national standards and hospitals to implement food and drink choices in their retail food service outlets,” Mr Davis said.


The main changes so far proposed include strengthening guidelines relating to limiting sweetened drinks, a small increase in recommended serve sizes of dairy and meat (young females only), and a decrease in serve sizes for breads and cereals groups.


All Victorians can have their say via an online survey on Better Health Channel at


Media contact: Darren Lawless: 9555 4101

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