Southern Metropolitan Region Little Athletics facilities (21 June 2017)

Written on the 23 June 2017

21 June 2017



GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


This is a very important issue because it is affecting some constituents who are in Little Athletics clubs in my electorate of Southern Metropolitan Region. The adjournment matter I am raising is for the Minister for Sport, Mr Eren in the other place. As I mentioned, it relates to Little Athletics clubs that are in a situation where there are two areas that are being redeveloped. The Moorabbin track is being redeveloped and Duncan Mackinnon Reserve in Murrumbeena is also being redeveloped. In relation to what is happening, there is a crossover in the timing of these two redevelopments which means the Little Athletics clubs will not have anywhere to undertake their activities.

As we know, for anyone involved in sporting activities the health and wellbeing benefits are well known and well understood, so this is a bit of a dilemma for these very active athletics groups. The Moorabbin Little Athletics group has around 200 families and around 300 children involved in its group, and the Caulfield Little Athletics club has 340 children and involves 250 families, so that is around 600 children and about 470 families who will have nowhere to go and no track to use while these redevelopments are being undertaken. Moorabbin's redevelopment starts in July and finishes in September and I am led to believe the Duncan Mackinnon track is scheduled for works from November through to February. Of course that is pending, provided there are no weather interruptions, no works disruptions and nothing else is disrupted. As we know, with some of these projects everything can be in the hands of the weather, which can certainly have a major impact.

The concerns of the clubs are such that if we could push back the start time for one of the redevelopments, then we could enable both clubs to have somewhere to go, so the action I seek is that the minister speak to both of the councils that are involved in these areas the Kingston City Council for Moorabbin and the Glen Eira City Council for the Duncan Mackinnon Reserve and ask that the start time be pushed back to accommodate any overruns that might occur and ensure that both clubs will be able to use facilities, so the Caulfield club will be able to use Moorabbin's facilities and the Moorabbin club will then be able to use Caulfield's facilities once their redevelopment commences later in the year. I am hoping my adjournment matter makes sense as it is a very serious issue for these Little Athletics clubs.

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