St Kilda police resources (23.6.2016)

Written on the 24 June 2016

St Kilda police resources

23 June 2016



GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


My adjournment matter is to the Minister for Police, and it relates to some issues that have been highlighted to me via a constituent's email earlier this week, and also there have been numerous reports in various media outlets over the past few months. It is in relation to the area around St Kilda, regarding community safety. Of course the St Kilda precinct has an enormous amount to offer. It is one of Melbourne's largest, oldest and most vibrant communities. Inner Melbourne has an enormous amount to give to that local community but also to international and interstate visitors.

My constituent has raised with me in an email his concerns about community safety and feeling safe around the area where he lives, and that is around Fitzroy and Jackson streets in St Kilda. In his email to me he has highlighted some issues that have been of concern which he has witnessed himself; he has personally seen these. They are not the severe crimes that were reported earlier this year, which go to rape, bomb threats, violence, drugs and robbery with an establishment down in that area. These incidents are around his local area, where he has seen drunken people yelling, fighting and harassing people; men abusing women for not giving them money or change; men throwing food scraps to young girls in school uniforms; and a man grabbing an elderly woman's walking stick.

His concerns just highlight that whole sense of community safety, and we are seeing this right across the state. We have got an increase of crime of 12 per cent in the last calendar year right across the state, which has been highlighted by Mr O'Donohue on numerous occasions. These are crimes that are getting much more serious. Carjackings are up by 80 per cent, and we have heard about those carjackings in other parts of my electorate, including in Malvern just this week, where two carjackings have occurred. I know that Mr Finn highlighted a terrible occurrence in Point Cook in the adjournment debate earlier this week.

So it goes to the point of police resourcing. Again we have got members of the community that are fearing for their own personal safety with crime. It does not matter whether it is severe or just these incidences that my constituent describes. People are feeling unsafe. So I am calling on the minister to ensure that there is appropriate police resourcing to deal with matters of this nature and more serious crimes right across the area of St Kilda.

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