Stonnington Gift (26.02.2015)

Written on the 26 February 2015

Members Statement

Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan)

On Friday evening I attended the Stonnington Gift at Toorak Park in Prahran.

Five years ago the gift was re-established and it is fast becoming a permanent fixture on the national athletics calendar, with an array of well-known athletes, as well as some budding future athletes, competing.

The event gets significant community support, which has made it the great event it is.

I would like to acknowledge some of those community supporters the East Malvern Community Bank branch of Bendigo Bank, the City of Stonnington, Bowens the Builders' Choice, Active Feet, the Prahran Market, the Cricketers Arms and the Leader community newspaper which provide significant support to this really good event. I would also like to acknowledge the many volunteers and participants from the Prahran Cricket Club.

I would also like to take note of the committee members, who have shown a lot of dedication in relation to this event over many years.

Without the work of these individuals, this event may have never run again. I acknowledge Peter Norman, the chairman; Phil Williamson, the past Prahran Cricket Club president and committee secretary; John Zarb, the Prahran Cricket Club general manager; Andrew Muhlhan, athletics director; Tony Oulton, the City of Stonnington representative; Dean Teniswood, design and marketing; and Richard Sykes, treasurer.

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