Support for The Dining Room Mission (3.10.2018)

Written on the 3 October 2018


Wednesday 3 October 2018


An elected Liberal Nationals Government will provide $25,000 worth of essential funding to assist with kitchen and other equipment upgrades at The Dining Room Mission in Croydon.

The Dining Room Mission relies on donations to assist some of the least fortunate in the Croydon community - including the homeless - with meals, fellowship and information about local services.

This funding will enable this important local organisation to continue its important work.


Comments attributable to Shadow Minster for Families and Children, Georgie Crozier:

"The Dining Room Mission is a vital support service that prides themselves on engaging and empowering the local community by providing social support and educational opportunities.

"The Liberal Nationals appreciate the valuable contributions of community organisations like The Dining Room Mission who contribute to the important work of strengthening families in tough times when they need it the most."


Comments attributable to Member for Croydon, David Hodgett:

"The Dining Room Mission performs an integral role in our community, with many vulnerable and disadvantaged people relying on their services for a meal or even just a bit of companionship.

"This commitment by the Liberal Nationals reinforces our goal to support struggling families and individuals through funding valuable local organisations such as The Dining Room Mission."



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