Taking back our State: The Liberal Nationals plan to tackle violent re-offending (11.4.2017)

Written on the 11 April 2017




Tuesday 11 April 2017

A Liberal Nationals Government will crack down severely on violent re-offending by introducing statutory minimum jail terms for criminals who are found guilty of a second violent offence having been found guilty of a prior serious violence offence.
These minimum terms will be hefty and send a very loud message that we will come down heavily on those who think they can continue to defy the law and subject their fellow citizens to the indignity of violence, fear and intimidation.
These changes are not only directed at violent gangs. They extend to all areas of our community where violence is all too prevalent. Domestic violence is a key area where it is absolutely vital to come down heavily on re-offenders who think they can ignore the lessons of their earlier violent behaviour.
These laws would see recidivist domestic violence perpetrators go away for a long time.
This announcement is part of a broader suite of policies that will be needed to make Victoria safe. It joins earlier announcements by the Liberal Nationals on bail, sentencing, police resourcing and youth justice. And more policy announcements will follow.


Quotes attributable to State Liberal Leader Matthew Guy
"A government I lead will make Victoria safe again.
"To stop this crime wave we need mandatory sentencing and mandatory jail times, that's what I will introduce.
"Victorians have had enough of the Andrews government going soft on crime, it's time for a new approach, a tough approach.
"No more excuses, no more second chances, its two strikes and you're in."


Quotes attributable to Shadow Attorney General John Pesutto
"Victorians have lost confidence in Daniel Andrews' ability to keep them safe.  We are going to make Victoria safe again.
"Mandatory minimum jail times for violent re-offenders would be one of the biggest sentencing reforms in Victoria's history. 
"These jail times will be hefty and will send a very loud message to anyone who thinks they can continue to defy the law and get away with repeat acts of violence, fear and intimidation."


Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Prevention of Family Violence Georgie Crozier
"Mandatory jail times will be the most meaningful change to dealing with family violence in Victoria's history.
"Cowards who think they can keep getting away with family violence will likely be facing mandatory jail times of at least ten years."

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