The National Council Of Jewish Women Victoria Division 85th Anniversary Cocktail Party

Written on the 19 November 2012

Georgie attended the National Council of Jewish Women Victoria Division 85th anniversary cocktail party with Minister for Childhood and Early Development, the Hon. Wendy Lovell MLC, Elizabeth Miller MP, David Southwick MP and Vivian Brass the President of the NCJWVD



NJCWVD is a not for profit, voluntary, local, national and international Jewish women’s organisation who do fantastic work in providing community support, social justice promotion and the empowerment of women in Jewish and general communities.



The event also coincided with an announcement from the Hon. Minister Lovell MLC on the Mum for Mum program. The objective of this program is to target and assist vulnerable mothers in the post-natal period.



The Mum for Mum service has been specifically designed for Australian mothers who are at risk or currently suffer from depression, social isolation, or suffer from mental or health-related strains that make the normal challenges of motherhood debilitating. It is an early intervention program for women who may be experiencing, or have been identified as at risk of post-natal depression.



The program will primarily target women through referral and will seek to support women who may be isolated and, or without sufficient support systems.



The program also seeks to assist women participants by providing communal assistance and education to prevent development of at risk maternal and early child health issues, and grow maternal resilience in the community.



The program is free and non-denominational. Funding for this program was received from Ce Soir Lingerie, City of Glen Eira and private donations.


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