Time for Jenny Mikakos to go to the backbench (21.3.2018)

Written on the 21 March 2018



Wednesday 21 March 2018



It's little wonder our youth justice system is a mess when the minister responsible has been named in an Ombudsman investigation as being involved in the rorting of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars.

Jenny Mikakos' record of failure as Minister includes a record number of youth justice riots, breakouts and violent offences in centres. Now we learn that she has also been involved in the rorting of taxpayers money.

The Ombudsman report on page four concluded:

"The arrangement to employ field organisers as electorate officers was an artifice to secure partial payment for the campaign out of parliamentary funds, and was wrong."


Jenny Mikakos' position as minister is untenable.

Like Don Nardella, Telmo Languiller and Steve Herbert, those Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries involved in rorting must resign.   

Heads must roll. If Daniel Andrews applies a different standard to these rorters then he is condoning Jenny Mikakos' abuse of taxpayers' money.

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