Trades Hall (25.05.2016)

Written on the 26 May 2016


25 May 2016


Members statements 


GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)

Despite the history of Trades Hall, the $10 million of taxpayers money provided by the Andrews government certainly demonstrates the government's priorities.

What a gross misuse of taxpayers money, I might add. The amount of money that the union movement provides to both Labor and, can I say, also to the Greens via Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union support was demonstrated at the last state election.

During that campaign there was plenty of money for television ads, red T-shirts, fake fire trucks, fake uniforms, fake hospital beds and great big blackboards all signed off by militant unions.

Ten million dollars is not an insignificant amount of money.

It could be better used for a number of very worthy projects, including combating the increasing crime rate gripping our city. The Apex gang and other young thugs are out of control. We have got police asking for more resources to combat home invasions, carjackings and rioting on our streets. That is becoming a far too common occurrence. In the City of Glen Eira alone there is only one divisional van to manage this increasing problem in that area.

This is the same amount of money that was allocated to kindergartens in growth areas in this year's budget. This is quite extraordinary, and it just demonstrates the priorities of this Labor government. It is more intent on keeping its union mates happy by providing $10 million for renovations rather than giving back to the community what is desperately needed.

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