Transport initiatives (16.09.2014)

Written on the 16 September 2014

Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan) -- Last week the Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly said:

    Under Napthine, this level crossing at Toorak Road isn't going anywhere. Only Labor will remove the 50 worst.


I remind the Leader of the Opposition, who was described in an editorial in the Herald Sun of 14 September as 'an accident waiting to happen,' that under the Napthine government 40 level crossings and grade separations have been completed, are under construction or are in the planning stages for removal. For example, in the electorate of Oakleigh the Murrumbeena Road and Koornang Road level crossings, which have been an issue for years, will now be finally removed as part of the Cranbourne-Pakenham rail corridor project.

In contrast, Labor had 11 years in government and fixed only eight level crossings. Likewise, it spectacularly botched the myki ticketing system.Since coming to office the coalition government has delivered an additional 10 000 bus, tram and train services each week across Victoria, and as of 1 January 2015, zone 1 fares will apply across the entire metropolitan network, providing significant savings for commuters. Now the government is getting on with improving our road system by building the east-west link, a vital project that will transform Melbourne's road network, relieve traffic congestion and provide thousands of jobs. Large, necessary projects like this are only ever done under Liberal and coalition governments, whether that be the Thomson Dam, the city loop, the Tullamarine Freeway, the West Gate Bridge or CityLink.

Daniel Andrews, under the direction of left-leaning councils, is putting Victoria's infrastructure needs at risk.

It was reported that his decision has horrified business and even his union mates were blindsided. His decision would send investment and jobs out of this state if he became Premier. His management style is not what will be best for Victorians. Victorians simply cannot risk voting for Daniel Andrews.


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