Tree removal (30.08.2016)

Written on the 1 September 2016

 30 August 2016


Members statements 

GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


The destruction and devastation that the Andrews government is doing across Melbourne's suburbs with the removal of trees is unprecedented. This government is not one that is visionary or one that cares for local communities. It is hell-bent on pushing through projects without community consultation and with ill-thought-out plans. In doing so it is destroying much of what Melbourne is known for: a beautiful city with parklands, gardens, and tree boulevards. Melbourne has been renowned for the many green areas of its city. In fact it was the former Hamer Liberal government in the 1970s that led the way, having the vision for Victoria to be the 'garden state'. What we now have are the Andrews government destroying much of the vegetation in areas where they have not even spoken to the community as to their decisions.

Local residents who live near the sky rail have voiced their concerns about river red gums being chopped down, when the minister responsible, Minister Allan, originally said none would be removed during construction. Trees are being chopped down right along the sky rail route and residents have been left with no idea as to why they have had to go. Trees have also gone in other areas, too, such as Bentleigh, where the removal of level crossings has been undertaken, and finally of course there are the hundreds of trees that will go from along St Kilda Road for the Melbourne Metro rail project. These hundreds and hundreds of trees will be removed across our city with little thought or consideration in relation to local amenity and what they mean to local communities.

In the words of former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser when speaking about Sir Rupert Hamer:

He recognised the challenge ahead the protections that had to be put in place if the lives of future Australians were to be enhanced.

Clearly this is a concept the Andrews government does not care about, nor want to understand.

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