Victorian 2016/17 Budget - Kindergartens

Written on the 29 April 2016




Thursday 28 April 2016


Despite state taxes under Daniel Andrews increasing by $3.7 billion or 20.7% in just two years, only $10 million is allocated in the budget for new kindergartens in growth suburbs.

Growth corridors such as the City of Casey which reportedly records an average of 92 births per week, or nearly 5000 a year, are placing an enormous pressure on existing services.

With nearly 5,000 births per year in this growth area, there is also a huge demand for additional services which is why Daniel Andrews' offering of just $10 million for all of Victoria is completely inadequate.

Even Minister Mikakos has admitted "demand for kindergarten places is growing extremely quickly".

It is difficult to believe that despite increasing taxes by 20.7% or $3.7 billion, Daniel Andrews has failed to allocate more funds for such an important service to Victorian families. 

Every year, Melbourne's population grows by around 92,000 people and this budget has failed to manage that challenge.

This is why we have formed the Victorian Population Taskforce to meet these big challenges like managing population growth in these corridors as well as the provision of services like education and health, as well as creating the new jobs required.


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