Waverley Emergency Adolescent Care (8.12.2015)

Written on the 9 December 2015

8 December 2015




GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)

Waverley Emergency Adolescent Care, or WEAC, as it is better known, has been operating since 1985, providing a range of services to families and teenagers in need in the areas of counselling, accommodation, education and training, as well as drug and alcohol rehabilitation. In fact a dedicated house known as Tandana undertakes alcohol and drug rehabilitation services.

There are also two other support houses that are involved with WEAC.

The member for Oakleigh in the Assembly has spoken in the Parliament on a number of occasions about the essential services that WEAC provides to the community. In an adjournment matter in April he called on the Minister for Mental Health to visit Tandana with him to discuss future options for this fantastic organisation. In June, in a members statement, he spoke of the minister's visit and said:

It is clear that the minister understands that rehabilitation for drug and alcohol issues is vitally important.

He went on to say:

I am certainly encouraged that further assistance may be provided to Tandana in the future.

Despite these calls from the local member, which have obviously fallen on deaf ears, Tandana has now closed and went into voluntary administration about 10 days ago. Fifteen employees lost their jobs. There are many questions surrounding this issue that I would like to have answered, but the action I seek from the minister is that she provide information as to the number of children who have been affected by this decision and where they have gone to receive the support and services they require at such a vulnerable time of their lives.

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