When will the Office of Women's Affairs performance measures report be available? (4.08.2015)

Written on the 13 August 2015

Questions on notice

04 August 2015


MS CROZIER To ask the Minister for Families and Children (for the Minister for Women): In relation to the review of performance measures for the Office of Women's Affairs:

(1)    When is the estimated date of completion.

(2)    What is the cost to undertake the review.

(3)    Who is undertaking the review.

(4)    Will the report from the review be made public.



I am informed that new department objectives and objective indicators were established as a result of the 2014 State election, subsequent machinery of government changes and department restructure. Furthermore, changes were made to address the recommendations from the Victorian Auditor General's (VAGO) 2014 Report into Public Sector Performance Measurement and Reporting.

There is no commitment more important to the Andrews Labor Government than preventing violence against women and children. The changes to the machinery of government reflect the whole-of-government focus that is required to end this harm.

The DPC review of performance measures was an internal process and did not incur costs.

In line with VAGO recommendations, DPC have reviewed all performance measures, including for the Office for Women, to better reflect the department's objectives and performance indicators.

The new performance measures are included in the 2015-16 Budget Papers.

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