Wills Amendment (International Wills) Bill 2012

Written on the 20 June 2012

I am also pleased to rise to speak on the Legal and Social Issues Legislation Committee report on the inquiry into the Wills Amendment (International Wills) Bill 2011. At the outset I also acknowledge and thank the committee secretariat -- Richard Willis, Lisa Kazalac and Sean Marshall -- for their time and effort in conducting this inquiry, and I thank the organisations that came before us to give evidence on this issue. I also support the comments of other members of the committee by saying I am pleased that there was unanimous support and there is no minority report in relation to this inquiry. In addition I am pleased the house referred the bill to the committee without dissent.


As Mr Elasmar said, the recommendations the committee put forward after hearing the evidence need support, because a number of people will benefit from the bill.


As has already been said, the bill will lead to numerous benefits and will facilitate estate planning, giving Victorians certainty that their wills apply elsewhere. The requirement of the international wills convention that the will be certified by a third authorised person will provide for more validity of the will. The option to have an international will would provide Victorians with additional flexibility in managing their estate matters. I think that will give clarity.


As has been said, other jurisdictions are considering adopting the convention. The evidence given to us by those who appeared before the inquiry provided useful additional information over and above the second-reading debate. In conclusion, I thank all those who were involved in this process and commend the report to the house.


Motion agreed to.

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