Workplace bullying (1.09.2016)

Written on the 9 September 2016

1 September 2016


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GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)



How can anyone truly believe that Daniel Andrews is genuine about respect for one another and respect for women? The Premier's actions do not match his rhetoric. His weak responses and support for senior women within his own party have been exposed further this week, after Jane Garrett in the Legislative Assembly exposed what really has gone on. How can Daniel Andrews stand by when serious allegations of bullying have been made?

First it was alleged comments made by the United Firefighters Union's Peter Marshall that he would put an axe through the head of the former Minister for Emergency Services appalling comments, I might add.

Further reports this week outline the bullying that Jane Garrett has been subjected to. Reports indicate that Ms Garrett is finalising a complaint due to being subjected to, and I quote, 'distressing conduct' from Mr Marshall during the Easter break in 2015 after refusing to intervene in a disciplinary case concerning a commander accused of distributing racist and pornographic material. On and on and on this goes. There are too many claims made by Ms Garrett about the bullying behaviour she has received. These are serious allegations, and for the Premier not to conduct an independent investigation demonstrates his hypocrisy and double standards.

Adem Somyurek was forced to resign after alleged bullying actions he made to a staff member. The Premier insisted in this instance that an investigation be conducted by retired Justice Michael Strong. This just demonstrates what the Premier will do for his own political gain, and it shows somebody who is disingenuous in his concerns for women and certainly the wider Victorian community.

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