Youth Connect (11.6.2015)

Written on the 29 June 2015


11 June 2015


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GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)

I was absolutely delighted to have Steph Ryan, the member for Euroa in the Assembly, who is the shadow minister for young Victorians and the shadow minister for training, skills and apprenticeships, visit Bentleigh last week to meet with Youth Connect CEO Danny Schwarz. Youth Connect is a non-profit, community-focused organisation that offers assistance to young people, parents, the community, schools, education providers, employers and industry in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. More than 1000 young people have received flexible and specific support during the last five years under the Youth Connect program.

Youth Connect has developed a wide range of programs and services, including the significantly successful Right Step youth diversion program in Moorabbin and Frankston. Youth Connect worked closely with the former Victorian Attorney-General, Robert Clark, with a view to all young people having access to diversion where appropriate. It was as a result of this work that the former government provided the Children's Court with funding to develop a larger scale pilot program, and as a result young people can get access to vital intervention that has not previously been part of the youth justice system. I acknowledge and congratulate Danny Schwarz and his team on their hard work in providing support to disadvantaged youth within the south-eastern areas of Melbourne and for providing a very significant program for school-to-work pathways. I call on the government to maintain this program and others like it into the future.

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