Youth control orders (8.9.2017)

Written on the 22 September 2017


8 September 2017



GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB -  Southern Metropolitan)


My adjournment matter is to the Minister for Mental Health, the Honourable Martin Foley, and it relates to drug and rehabilitation services being provided in preparation for the new youth control orders that will be put in place following the passage of the Children and Justice Legislation Amendment (Youth Justice Reform) Bill 2017.

During the course of debate on the bill yesterday I asked the Minister for Families and Children about the current wait times for counselling and drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Evidence from the current youth justice inquiry, media appearances by the management of youth justice facilities and the minister herself suggests that drugs, in particular ice, are having a significant impact on what is happening not only inside youth justice facilities with the significant rioting behaviour that we have seen over the last two and a half years of the Andrews government, which the community is also well aware of, but also the crimes being conducted out in the community. Under the new legislation the courts will have a variety of options, including placing young offenders in diversion programs or on youth control orders. With both of these scenarios I am led to believe that it might be necessary for the court to insist that there be some conditions attached, such as attendance in counselling or drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs in order that young offenders comply with those particular orders.

The minister, in her answer to the question I asked yesterday in the committee stage about the access and wait times, said, and I quote:

" . . . in terms of funding and those types of programs they are matters that sit with Minister Foley in his capacity as Minister for Mental Health in terms of drug rehab programs more broadly in the community, and that would also be the case for young people."

My action for the minister is that he provide the waiting lists for drug and alcohol programs, particularly those programs that are aimed at young people, who are, as the Minister for Families and Children, said:

" . . . the youth justice staff and those who work with those young offenders need to ensure that there is access to those particular programs."

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