Youth gang 'Supermax' (26.9.2016)

Written on the 6 October 2016



Monday 26 September 2016

In the current environment of violent youth gangs running riot, a 'Supermax' prison for youth gangs is something that needs to happen.

Daniel Andrews has lost control of law and order in Victoria and in particular with youth gangs who are becoming more violent and more brazen.  A lack of frontline police, closed police stations and weakened bail laws have allowed these youth gangs to flourish and recruit more members to wreak havoc on innocent Victorians.  

Over the past 12 months in the current youth detention system there have been a record number of riots, incidents of staff barricading themselves in offices, violent assaults to staff and inmates and millions of dollars of damage.  There have also been reports of staff having to effectively bribe the most violent and worst behaved inmates with food and takeaway.  

Some of these kids are effectively serving criminal apprenticeships in the current youth detention system and will soon be out on the streets committing more violent and more brazen crimes.

If a 'Supermax' for youth gangs will prevent just some of these violent crimes from occurring then it is something that Daniel Andrews must act on.

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